About Cornerstone House Centre

Please click Cornerstone House Leaflet – Dec 15 to download our current brochure.

Cornerstone House Centre is an independent charity located at the heart of Cumbernauld (Charity Number SC041782). We are also a limited company (Registration Number SC383997). The main reason we were set up was to provide a place where groups and organisations could come together to meet, to learn, to support each other and to enjoy life in a friendly, safe and convenient community setting.

We are located in a former bingo hall which has been extensively renovated. If you want to know more about how we came to be set up, click on the links below.

As a registered charity we exist to provide a social benefit. In order to continue to provide our services we operate as a social enterprise. A social enterprise is basically doing good by applying sound business principles and practices. If you want to know more about our overall charitable and social aims, click on the link below.

What really makes Cornerstone House Centre work are our people. We have a Board of Directors; all local volunteers who want to ensure everything is run properly. We have staff who are experienced in providing services in a community setting. Volunteers carry out much of the essential day to day activities. We also host students and work placements who want to gain experience of a real working environment. If you want to know more about who in involved at Cornerstone House Centre, click on the link below.

Our belief is that people can do amazing things if they are given the chance. One of the best ways to feel the sense of achievement from doing something worthwhile is to be a volunteer. Cornerstone House Centre provides a range of options for people who have some time to give to their community. If you want to know more about what you can do to help others, click on the link below.

We would appreciate hearing what you think of our website and the services we offer. If you want to get in touch, all the details you need are on the Contact Us page.

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