RED Car Park No. 2 can be accessed by turning right at McDonalds situated at:
(Town Centre East Roundabout).

1. On the left you will pass the Antonine Centre car park.

2. Proceed straight on going forward through pedestrian lights – facing you will be a white barrier which gives access to the service area for the Antonine Centre.

3. Turn sharp right into the Red Car Park and Cornerstone House is situated at the far end of the car park where ample parking is available.

4. For access to Cornerstone House Centre, from the car park the main doors can be accessed by passing the blue fire doors and ascending the steps (approximately 6 steps), turn left which brings you to the entrance to Cornerstone House Centre at the opposite end of the walkway. Disabled access is by one of the blue doors at the car park level.

5. Additionally parking is available at the Tesco car park which is accessed from the Town Centre West Roundabout