Events and Information for week beginning Monday 18th  March 2018:

What’s God working on in your life?


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Housegroups  –  As per rota – Fellowship.


Housegroups – As per rota.


Bethlehem: House of Bread – drop-in project for those in need, food gifts, 6-8pm.


House of Bread – in the Old Village Parish, 11.00-12.30.

Men’s Meeting – Meal and a chat, 7pm in the café.


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Service Prayer Time – Cornerstone House, 10.15 -10.45am.

Sunday Morning Service – Cornerstone House, 11.00am, All welcome. Tea/Coffee after the service.


Upcoming Events

Hope Conference 2019 – Details TBC. For more info see Vivianne or go to Hope’s website,  or email hope@cornerstone-house.org.uk.

Car Park Restrictions – from 21st January 2019 Town Centre are placing 3 hour limit (day time, 7 days) on car parks, with £100 fine for exceeding this. We will get an exemption for Sunday mornings and special events, but to be exempt you need to complete a slip with your car details; these are available at the admin table.

Bethlehem Food Bank – is currently low on cereals, so all donations would be most welcome.

Church Survey – Please complete a survey and return to Meg Muir, forms are on Admin Table.

Resurrection Scotland – Usher Hall, Edinburgh, 21st April, admission free, see Origin Scotland website for details.


Intimations for a Sunday morning – can now be submitted either on the Admin table, or e-mailed to intimations@cornerstone-house.org.uk, by Friday PM.

Prayer Room – A designated prayer room is now available all week at Cornerstone House – feel free to use at any time, see reception for further details; also there is a table in the foyer with forms to submit prayer requests.

Tea/Coffee rota – will now be displayed with intimations on the previous Sunday as a reminder.

Old Mobile Phones (Marie Curie fund), Old Spectacles (for 3rd world countries) or Batteries? Please pass to Tom/Margaret Muir for charity/recycling (Note: we are no longer collecting bottle tops, but those already donated have helped to purchase 5 wheelchairs).