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"A Catalogue of Services to Benefit the Local Community"

In addition to offering facilities hire, Cornerstone House Centre manages and delivers a range of unique and specific services which can be accessed by individuals, organisations and partners across the Cumbernauld and surrounding areas. Although each activity has its own designations, generally these projects and services exist to reduce inequalities, develop the skills and confidence of local people, enable local communities to prosper and promote healthier and happier people.

A Skilled and Friendly Services Team...

To facilitate this, Cornerstone House Centre operates a cross-functional Services Team, integrating skills and capabilities from across the organisation to deliver programmes for the benefit of clients and service users. The Team meets regularly with a view to planning, developing and evolving projects and services based on local need, demand, policy and impact, and other relevant social, cultural, economic and environmental factors.

Some services are supported by identified partners and funders, such as The National Lottery Community Fund, while others are self-sustaining in alignment with the organisation’s social enterprise business model.

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Further information on any of the services highlighted can be obtained by contacting Cornerstone House Centre on 01236 739220 or 07940 569527 or by emailing

Cornerstone House Centre Services | By Category

Services are provided by Cornerstone House Centre under five key service areas, as highlighted below. Click on each service area for further information.

L I F E - E N H A N C I N G - S E R V I C E S


Family Services

Provision of services which improve the lives of children and families in the Cumbernauld area is a central strand of Cornerstone House Centre’s delivery portfolio.

Notably, Cornerstone House Centre is being supported by The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver an innovative Cumbernauld Family Hub, initially over a three-year period from 2017-20.

Cumbernauld Family Hub is a fresh and innovative family support resource that covers a multitude of activities to create interesting and unique personal development opportunities for local families. It is designed to be utilised by couples, lone parents and kinship carers, and aims to maximise social, environmental and cultural outcomes for parents and children.

A range of weekly group activity sessions are facilitated through the Family Hub to strengthen parent-child bonds, with examples including:

• Creative play including arts and crafts
• Practical health promotion (e.g. nutrition)
• Physical activity and active citizenship
• Educational toys and structured outings
• Online resources and e-learning
Family and personal development activities

Hub activities are planned to be informal, practical and interrelated, making the learning fun and interactive. In particular, services are tailored to benefit those experiencing difficulties as a result of factors such as poverty, housing problems, relationship issues, lack of educational attainment and unemployment.

Other activities coordinated as part of Cornerstone House Centre's Family Services include Bookbug, Stay and Play Sessions and Dolly Parton's Imagination Library.

Significant health benefits are targeted for local family participants through the organisation’s Family Services. Childhood obesity, mental ill health, physical health and social health are all key target areas, with agencies with expertise in these health areas actively involved with Cornerstone House Centre.

For further information about Family Services on offer, please contact us:

01236 739220 / 07940 569527


Employability Services

Local people seeking employment have the opportunity to benefit from a catalogue of bespoke employability support services provided by Cornerstone House Centre.

It has been recognised that a high number of unemployed people are visitors to The Centre on a daily basis for a variety of purposes. As a result, the organisation implemented a highly productive enterprise of offering free and informal employability guidance and resources, including CV support, personal development training, sign-posting, one-to-one employability support and Internet access for job search.

As well as offering this service provision, Cornerstone House Centre provides employment opportunities to young people through Scottish Government’s Community Jobs Scotland programme. This has proved a very successful initiative, with the organisation believing in giving opportunities to the young people of Cumbernauld. As a result, many 18-24 year-olds have benefited from employment opportunities at The Centre.

In support of this activity, the organisation has established links with key local employability support such as Jobcentre Plus, Skills Development Scotland, Scottish Enterprise, Department for Work and Pensions and Social Security Scotland.

To access employability services at Cornerstone House Centre, please contact us:

01236 739220 / 07940 569527


Health and Wellbeing Services

Health and Wellbeing Services are at the core of what Cornerstone House Centre offers. Provision in this field is aimed at reducing health inequalities through raising awareness, providing opportunities and removing barriers.

To coordinate this, an innovative new Cumbernauld Community Health Information Hub was launched 2019, with a view to providing free information about and easy access to a variety of health and social care providers in the greater Cumbernauld area.

The Community Health Information Hub is located at Cornerstone House Centre, accessible every weekday, with Community Awareness drop-in events taking place at which local citizens can meet and engage informally with a range of service providers, including NHS Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council and a range of voluntary sector organisations.

Supported by Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire, The Health Information Hub is designed to be accessible to and useful for all local citizens including, amongst others, families, older adults, those facing physical, learning or mental health challenges, carers and people experiencing health inequalities. Organisers of community health services and activities, including public, third and private sector agencies, are essential contributors to and beneficiaries of The Hub.

Another initiative operated by Cornerstone House Centre with a view to improving local health and wellbeing is a dedicated Community Space, located at Unit 14 of Antonine Shopping Centre. It aims to provide a range of free, fun and interactive activities and opportunities for families, shoppers and passers-by of the Shopping Centre, including table tennis.

Other services rolled-out in this field are provided in the areas of shopmobility, Cumbernauld Community Tea Dances and mental health first aid. Cornerstone House Centre is also a supporter of Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire's Making Life Easier website. For further information, contact us:

01236 739220 / 07940 569527


Training Services

Cornerstone House Centre is an experienced and licensed deliverer of a range of training programmes, most notably those in the field of personal and skills development. As such, over a period of time, the organisation has built up a successful, established and wide-reaching training arm.

One of the most popular and impactful training courses provided by Cornerstone House Centre is Living Life to the Full. This is an award-winning personal development course that provides participants with key knowledge in how to develop skills to tackle feelings of low mood, stress and distress arising from work, parenting, relationships and other aspects of life. It involves Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and locally the programme has been highly successful in achieving a range of positive outcomes and impacts for participants.

Five Areas Ltd, the national accreditation body for Living Life to the Full, recognises Cornerstone House Centre as a fully verified provider of the programme. In this respect, Cornerstone House Centre can be engaged by a range of groups and service providers - including communities, statutory bodies, voluntary sector organisations, schools and mental health services - to deliver customised packages of this course.

Furthermore, bespoke training is available through Cornerstone House Centre in a wide spectrum of other areas of community development, including employability, financial awareness, active citizenship, basic ICT skills and healthy eating, amongst others.

Whilst the Training Services of Cornerstone House Centre are primarily designed to target and benefit the people of Cumbernauld, the organisation has the scope and capacity to deliver training courses in other areas of Scotland too.

Importantly, training packages are flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the designated beneficiary client group or organisation. Programmes can be delivered in-house at Cornerstone House Centre or at outreach venues selected by the commissioning agency.

To discuss accessing Cornerstone House Centre’s Training Services, please contact us:

01236 739220 / 07940 569527


Cafe Services

Cornerstone Café aims to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and to offer a place for the people of Cumbernauld to have a tea, coffee, bite to eat and a chat.

The Café, which is based within Cornerstone House Centre (but operates as an independent entity), offers an ideal meeting place for those in the local area, or simply somewhere to stop and have a rest during a busy day’s shopping within Cumbernauld town centre.

Open Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 3.30pm, the Café offers breakfasts, tea, lunches and snacks, providing both a sit-in and takeaway service. Other catering services, including buffet provision, can be booked through the Café (with a minimum of eight days notice to ensure adequate supplies and that customer requirements are fully met).

Over several years, the Café has developed an excellent reputation as one of Cumbernauld’s most used and popular food outlets, with a strong and established regular customer base visiting the Café on a weekly basis.

The Cornerstone Cafe Menu includes a kids menu, hot filled rolls, baked potatoes, soups, quarter-pounders and cakes. The Cafe celebrated its 10th birthday in 2019.

All are welcome and the Café can be visited at Cornerstone House Centre, 1 Esk Walk, Cumbernauld, G67 1BZ. For further information on Cafe Services, please contact Cafe Manager Craig Welsh at Cornerstone Cafe:

01236 739220 / 07940 569527

Office Services

In addition to the five central service areas of Cornerstone House Centre, the organisation also provides Office Services to benefit local individuals, organisations and agencies. In particular, this service has proved highly beneficial to several smaller voluntary sector and community groups operating in the Cumbernauld area.

Low cost Office Services accessible through Cornerstone House Centre include:

Printing and photocopying (colour or black and white)
Office equipment hire (projectors, laptops, flipcharts, tables, chairs, etc)
ICT and Internet access
Storage space
Office space.

For further information, please contact Cornerstone House Centre on 01236 739220 or 07940 569527 or email