Cornerstone House Centre Vision and Values

Cornerstone House Centre’s mission is to serve and support the community under one roof, providing rooms to let and venue hire office space and event management. The organisation has a vision of:

• Flourishing Communities

Striving for the people and organisations in local communities in and around the Cumbernauld area to flourish and reach their full potential, with community spirit, active citizenship, volunteering and helping others all key elements

• Quality Services and Facilities

Ensuring that local citizens and groups have access to an effective, cost-friendly and well-managed town centre premise where they can meet, learn together and help each other, with quality service provision central to its success

• Healthier and Happier People

Facilitating opportunities for local adults, children, families and older people, especially those experiencing disadvantage, hardship or poverty, to improve and develop their physical, mental and social health and wellbeing

• A Thriving Cumbernauld

Contributing actively and positively to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Cumbernauld, making it a town that people want to visit and live due to high levels of employment, learning, safety and regeneration.


Cornerstone House Centre is also a values-based company, with all activities, work, relations and interactions striven to be undertaken in the spirit and ethos of the eight below organisational values:


Helping and Compassionate

Empowerment and Development

Collaboration and Connectivity

Innovation and Progression

Quality and Excellence

Independence and Diversity