Room and Facilities Hire for Any Occasion

Cornerstone House Centre operates a large, modern multi-purpose facility in Cumbernauld town centre which enables groups and citizens to meet, pursue interests, share experiences, learn collectively, do business, support children and families, and generally come together to achieve community cohesion.

The following facilities are available for hire at low cost for meetings, events, training, parties, conferences, seminars and much more within Cornerstone House Centre’s Esk Walk premises:


A large Conference Hall accommodating up to 500 people, which can be utilised for various wide-ranging purposes


Modern ICT and Soft Skills Suite containing PC’s and Internet access, ideal for training and computing activities


Office Facilities suitable as a permanent or outreach base for local businesses and voluntary and public sector groups


Multi-Purpose Meeting Rooms, varying from large to small, suitable for one-to-one or group meetings and weekly activities

Rooms and facilities can be adapted as required to suit the purpose of the let. Kitchen and catering facilities are on site and can be utilised by any group hiring premises for a small fee. Furthermore, Cornerstone Café is open Monday-Saturday and can easily be accessed by those using or visiting The Centre.

Cornerstone House Centre is a suitable venue for all kinds of activities and groups. It is ideal for regular lets as well as one-off, short term or occasional bookings.

New groups are always welcome to set up home at Cornerstone House Centre. Its town centre location and capacity to host several activities at once makes it an ideal choice for many groups and organisations.

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Our Pricing

Cornerstone House Centre believes in fair, accessible and flexible pricing for its facilities hire, recognising that charities and third sector organisations in particular often operate to tight and restricted financial budgets. The following key information should be noted in relation to Cornerstone House Centre facility hire pricing:

Competitive and Reasonable Pricing...

Cornerstone House Centre recognises that some venue providers are out of touch with their client group and price their facilities hire unreasonably high. Hence, Cornerstone House Centre sets out its stall to price facilities hire at the affordable and reasonable end of market, taking into consideration the financial health of clients.

Free Initial Consultation Meeting or Visit...

Without obligation to take up room hire, all Cornerstone House Centre service users are entitled to at least one free initial consultation meeting and / or visit to The Centre to view facilities before making a decision as to whether to making a booking or not.

Pricing Negotiable and Income Considered...

Cornerstone House Centre is open to negotiating fair and affordable fees that accommodate the needs and finances of the client. Flexibility in pricing and payment arrangements are adopted by Cornerstone House Centre with a view to benefiting clients or organisations with lower incomes.

Discount for Third Sector Organisations...

Registered charities (including Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisations (SCIOs)), community organisations, social enterprises, unincorporated associations and other not-for-profit groups are provided with a discount on Cornerstone House Centre fees.

Flexible and Negotiable Payment Arrangements...

Generally, Cornerstone House Centre clients can pay for facilities hire with cash, cheque and bank transfer payments accepted. Cornerstone House Centre is open to payment arrangements being flexible and negotiable based on particular organisational circumstances or cash flow projections.

Contact Cornerstone House Centre for further information on room bookings and facilities hire:

01236 739220